My experience at NeuroMotion Physical Therapy was fantastic!  I arrived with Parkinson's Disease , and I knew that it was causing me problems.  Paulette Lewis worked one-on-one with me the entire hour each session.  Modeling each exercise, She explained how each exercise would carryover into my everyday activities.  Whenever I had difficulty, she adapted it to my ability.  her enthusiasm and encouragement made me want to exert more effort!  When I had trouble with the coordination of an exercise, she showed me how to break it down into parts.  She made me believe i could do it until I actually could do it!  When I left my therapy sessions I had a set of daily exercises to help keep my mobility.  I was walking stronger and my balance had improved!  ​Brenda B

"My problems were related to my sciatic nerve. After arriving at NeuroMotion, Paulette did a thorough examination to pinpoint where the pinching was occurring. Once she located the pinching area, she devised a simple, yet effective plan to relieve the pain and correct the problem. The pain was gone in a short time and I was able to get back to normal activities with complete range of motion within a week. I was impressed with the professionalism of Paulette and her staff at NeuroMotion and happy the pain is gone." – Joey H

There is a difference...After suffering a stroke in January and beginning the rehabilitation journey, I learned there is a difference.  The therapists at Neuromotion Physical Therapy in Sharpsburg were suggested to me by my neurologist after months of prior therapy.  My doctor was convinced much more mobility and functional progress could be made.  After one appointment with Paulette Lewis, Physical Therapist and owner of Neuromotion, I knew I was at the right place!  She listened closely and intuitively to me as I tried to describe the problems I was experiencing with pain and movement.  She was very interested in my goals for rehabilitation.  It did not take many physical and occupational therapy sessions at Neuromotion, working with Paulette Lewis and JOurdan Ortiz, for me to see huge improvements in mobility and pain relief.  Their knowledge and quality of care made a measurable difference.  The Neuromotion staff considered every aspect of my well being.

Thru their creative, individualized one on one - hands on approach, I was once again able to be comfortable and pain free at night allowing me to sleep.  Of course, with improved sleep, my energy level increased.  With continued therapy and constant reevaluation of progress and goals, I began to gain confidence realizing I could make a full or close to full recovery.  The therapists' approach made a difference.  After spending weeks at Neuromotion, it was clear that each therapist and Detra, the office manager, treat every client with patience, compassion and respect. The atmosphere is positive and uplifting.  Smiles are common and laughter is heard often.  Patients of all ages and level of impairment are hopeful once again as they are provided with treatment that is often fun as well as challenging and productive.  Whether your goal is to reduce pain, stop headaches, strengthen hands and fingers, walk with a walker, cane or independently, run a marathon, throw a ball or even do a cartwheel, the team at Neuromotion will help you achieve your goals.  I know they made a difference for me and I am grateful every day! - Teri Pirie

It has been over a month since I completed my scheduled physical therapy.  I don't know how many times I can say THANK YOU, to you and your staff for the treatments I received. I turned 80 last September and the therapy programs that you provided makes me feel born again.

Over the years I have been through numerous spine surgeries, injections, etc. leaving me with a consistent back and neck pain.  After the physical therapy and acupuncture, I can now get up in the morning without pain.

I am a person who can do almost everything around the house.  In the past 3 years I have had to hire people to handle the projects that I was previously able to do.  Now I am back to where I can perform 90% of the home repairs.

I plan to discuss with Dr. Etienne whether I am eligible for yearly therapy that will make my furture years easier.

Again, thank you and your staff for an exceptional experience and I hope to use your services as needed.

- Donald S. Thatcher